Can't login, kde loads, then back to kdm

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Published on 2010-10-13T17:06:43Z Indexed on 2010/12/28 23:58 UTC
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Hi @all (K)Ubuntu users,
I installed Kubuntu 10.10 after it's realesing.
(ordinary I use Ubuntu, but this time I want to try Kubuntu, too)
Now I can't login in Kubuntu:
When(/if) I login with mine username and password, KDE loads(I mean this splashscreen),
but if it's ready nearly, the screen becomes dark and I'm back in the login-manager.
I tried many things:
With a new user or
with installing gdm or
install it new (two times!)

Thank you for helping

PS: Ubuntu works normal Sorry for my bad english ;-)
EDIT: The text-console-mode(or however it's named in english) isn't working anytimes, seemes like a graphics bug or something similiar.
And there aren't very many (hidden) ".folders", just .kde .config .dbus .fontconfig and some ".files".

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