Exchange not preserving the "To:" field

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I've got a hosted exchange solution through Apptix, which isn't the problem, I think, but it may be relevant.

I have my main account, [email protected], and to that, I have an alias, [email protected]

Whenever I send an email to [email protected], I examine the headers, and I see the "To:" field being correct, "To: [email protected]". All is well.

I recently set up another user, [email protected] to function as a multipurpose mailbox. I aliased "[email protected]" to the services account in the same method that I did "[email protected]", however nothing I have sent to "[email protected]" actually goes TO "[email protected]". All of the headers say "To: [email protected]". This makes it extremely difficult to filter based on headers alone.

Does anyone have any feedback on what settings I would need to look at in order to fix that?

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