Laptop burned after heavy OpenGL usage. Is there hope?

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After programming for OpenGL and a 'slow OS' case for a couple of minutes the screen went blank. I shut it down with forcing it with the shutdown key and now there's no led at all with battery or AC, it doesn't start at all, it's totally dead. It's most certainly not the AC adapter since that didn't show at first, it doesn't start a led at all and

if the AC is connected it does a very slight and faint clicking noise (one has to have his ear next to it to hear it, near the AC connector).

Is there any hope?

I suppose it's a burned motherboard. I suspected a burned GPU but that would still leave the leds at least lid or at least attempting to start up. Now it's totally dead.

It's a TOSHIBA satellite x200-219. It has no warranty, as it's more than 2 years since purchase.

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