What web browser engine, version, and capabilities are used to display web pages inside Visual Studio 2010?

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My company is developing a plugin/add-on for Visual Studio 2010. When the user asks to display the help for our product, we plan on opening an HTML page (or suite of pages) within Visual Studio. I'm helping to design and implement the help system.

  1. What web engine/version is used within Visual Studio 2010? According to Wikipedia it is not Trident(!).
  2. Am I allowed to load remote JavaScript content (via a <script> element)?
  3. Am I allowed to use XHR to load remote content?
  4. Will my page be trusted and have access to the FileSystemObject?

I would appreciate any resources you can give me on programming specifically to the 'web' capabilities of VisualStudio2010-as-a-browser.

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