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I'm a unix developer and i want to make career in project/people management as first step.

I think sometimes is better to have good communication skill and in general more human skill to make career more fast.

Almost in Italy, a lot of people made career development more fast for his human skill and not for his technical skill.

Anyone have read some book about psychology to better manage how people and personality work and to exploit decision making situation in the right way?

I have found some interesting book about people personality and psychology of decision, but i am in doubt about the usefulness about reading such book.

anyone have some experience in this path ?

Anyone have found useful to read similar book about how people work, to manage career development in a more fast way and handle people and decision in a more useful way?

i have already read peopleware.

The table of content of one of this book have:
1 - Judicment and decision
2 - Euristics and sistematics error
3 - Estimating probability and frequency prediction
4 - Risk and decision
5 - rappresentation and decision
6 - Memory, attention and decision.

what do you think about ?

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