Upgrade from Debian Lenny to Squeeze with apt-get

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Published on 2011-02-07T00:07:27Z Indexed on 2011/02/07 7:27 UTC
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I just upgraded my system from Lenny to Squeeze following the steps posted here. I followed all the steps using apt-get (in the upgrade from Etch to Lenny i used aptitude as suggested) and the upgrade went fine.

In the daily routine I use aptitude to maintain the system up to date and I really like the automatic handling of unused packages, so if I install package A that depends on B when I remove A, B is removed too keeping my system clean.

My question is the following: do apt-get and aptitude share the automatic handling of packages? I don't think so, because I found a lot of packages not marked as Auto in aptitude after the upgrade via apt-get.

Am I right? How can I fix this in automated way if the answer is yes?

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