NuGet 1.1 Released

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Published on Mon, 14 Feb 2011 08:12:55 GMT Indexed on 2011/02/14 15:26 UTC
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This past weekend the ASP.NET team released NuGet 1.1.  Phil Haack recently blogged a bunch of details on the enhancements it brings, as well as how to update to it if you already have NuGet 1.0 installed.  It is definitely a nice update (my favorite improvement is that it no longer blocks the UI when downloading packages).

Read Phil’s blog post about the NuGet 1.1 update and how it install it here

NuGet is Not just for Web Projects

NuGet is not just for ASP.NET projects – it supports any .NET project type.  Pete Brown recently did a nice blog post where he talked about using NuGet for WPF and Silverlight Development as well. 

You can read Pete’s blog post about NuGet for WPF and Silverlight here.

How to Install NuGet if you Don't Already have it Installed

If you don’t already have NuGet installed, you can download and install it (as well as browse the 700+ OSS packages now available with it) from the website.

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