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The Situation: At work, I have a nice beefy desktop running Windows Server 2008 R2 (SharePoint dev machine). My handy ThinkPad is right next to it. Every once in a while I'd like to cut and paste or share something (usually text) between the machines: for example, I might be headed out and I'd like to take send the URL I'm reading from the desktop to the laptop.

Of course I can create a share or use the Admin shares and create files to get stuff back and forth, but that seems heavyweight for what I'm thinking of. I'm thinking more along the lines of sending myself an IM.

How do you get little things from machine to machine? Keep a shared folder pinned to the taskbar? Send an email to yourself? Bookmark sync?

While on it, I'm looking for a decent multiple clipboard handler: maybe these two functions are combined in some nice little utility?

I suspect I'm missing something simple here...

Thanks... Jamie F.

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