Windows 2003, SQL 2005 - What is server tasking and where do I find it?

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Published on 2011-03-02T10:59:11Z Indexed on 2011/03/02 15:27 UTC
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Hi, I've been reading up on how to tune SQL Server 2005 for a machine in a test environment. I came across this article on technet which suggests how to configure "server tasking" and says I should refer to the Windows 2003 docs for more info.

I have googled Windows 2003 "server tasking" (with and without the quotes) but all I can find is more similar articles on SQL server telling me that it should be configured, not how/where you do it.

I know I'm probably searching for the wrong thing - can someone please tell me how to configure it in Windows or SQL server, whichever it is?

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