Faq and Best tips Regarding Learning Database ?

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For a programmer with no prior exposure to databases

  1. What would be a good database to learn Oracle vs SQLserver vs MySQLvs PostgreSQL?
  2. I have come across lot of discussion MySQL and PostgreSQL and frankly I am confused on which to start with. Are these very different, in the sense if one had to switch, would the exposure to one be counter-productive to learning the other?
  3. Is working with databases heavily platform dependent?
  4. What exactly do people mean by Data base programming vs. administration?
  5. Do people chose databases based on the programming language used for the application developed?
  6. In general, Working with databases is it implicit that we work with some server?
  7. Does the choice of databases differ when it comes to game development? If so what factors does it differ by?
  8. What are the Best Tips that you have found to be useful when learning databases

Edit: Some FAQ i had and found the same on SO

  1. What should every developer know about databases?
  2. Which database if learning from scratch in 2010?
  3. For a beginner, is there much difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL
  4. What RDBMS should I learn/use? (MySql/SQL Server/Oracle etc.)
  5. To what extent should a developer learn database?
  6. How are database programmers different from other programmers?
  7. what kind of database are used in games?

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