How to report a crash when there isn't a .crash file

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Published on 2011-03-19T07:41:44Z Indexed on 2011/03/19 8:18 UTC
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I am suffering from a bug/crash in Natty, which I have logged in Launchpad:

The response I got back on my bug was a "provide us with a .crash file, or we won't look into it". Not very helpful really, but I can understand that the developers need something to work with. I have checked for this .crash file, which I can provide, but it isn't there.

So, my question is, what else can I provide/do in order to get this bug looked at and fixed?

It can't be a specific problem as it happens to both my 32bit laptop and my 64bit desktop, both being very different machines, and it is stopping me from connecting to my development & backup network machines so I can't do my work...

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