How can I restart compiz from tty? (& Related, how can I set up a fallback WM?)

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Published on 2011-03-20T10:44:02Z Indexed on 2011/03/20 16:18 UTC
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So I'm testing Natty, and Compiz keeps crashing on me. I expect this sort of thing from alpha software, of course, but it doesn't always give me the option to restart compiz, and for some reason doesn't have a fallback WM configured. Without a window manager, all my programs are still running, but they're not accepting input from the keyboard, and I can't switch between them. I can, however, press Ctrl+Alt+F1 and get a terminal, and I can killall Xorg to reset everything, but I'd rather just reset compiz if possible. If I try typing compiz --replace there in the tty, it complains "fatal--couldn't open display." Is there a way to have tty1 restart compiz? Like compiz --replace --display=something?

Additionally, is there a way to configure a fallback window manager so that there's an easier way to recover from compiz crashing?

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