How to access dev server in Ubuntu VirtualBox guest on Windows 7 host?

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Published on 2011-11-15T08:46:41Z Indexed on 2011/11/15 10:14 UTC
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I'm running a Google App Engine dev server on Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop in a VirtualBox VM, on a Windows 7 host. According to this question I have the following setup:

  1. The VM networking is set to use Host-only network adapter.
  2. Internet connection sharing (ICS) is enabled in Windows.
  3. For ICS, the Windows VirtualBox network port and the Ubuntu wired connection have fixed IPs.
  4. The Ubuntu VM can access the internet.
  5. I can ping the guest from the host.
  6. On the host, if I put the guest IP address in Chrome's address bar, it says it can not connect.

What do I need to do from here to access the GAE dev server that is running on Localhost:8080?

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