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I need to call a Javascript function from the server side in Client side. I looked and didn't find any way how to do it. I looked also over AJAX but can't figure it out. I am using ASP ( clasic) not .net .

I need to call the function in client-side with a variable that comes from the client-side. Please help me!!! Thanks a million !!!

I am using a FlashMovies that is sending a value to a Javascript function through ExternalInterface class. The function in javascript receiving it is gAnswer(result) and in this function i would need to have something like :

Server side: function saveResult(result) {code to be saved on the server goes here }

Client side : function gAnswer (result) { saveResult(result) } <- THis is the part i dont know how to do.
The function gAnswer is being called when the flash movie finished by itself. Would you be able to provide some code on how to ? thanks to each one of you who helped me =)

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