unable to boot into safe mode even after fixing registry

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I have a windows XP sp3 system which is affected by Sality Worm. The usual symptoms of taskmanager and regedit disabled were there, and i saw that i was unable to boot my system in safe mode. Then i found that the sality worm removes the SAFEBOOT keys from registry hive.

So i downloaded this reg file from http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279889 and was successfully able to update the reg file to my system. But still when i hit F8 during boot and select safe mode option, it still restarts after loading mup.sys file. i don't know what more to do to get to safe mode. The virus is still there in dormant stage, i can verify that because taskmanager and regedit is not disabled after i restarted in normal mode and i could browse any site and it did not kill the browser process. I also ran the salitykiller from same link above and it healed all infected exe files.

This is related to another question which i have asked here,but i don't see how a common solution can solve both of those problems. Any help folks? Thanks

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