Windows Key is shutting my PC with Windows 7 down when pressed

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Published on 2011-11-19T16:14:03Z Indexed on 2011/11/19 17:58 UTC
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I am having a really annoying problem lately with my Windows 7 PC.

The problem, is all of a sudden, just within the last day or 2, anytime I hit the WIN (Windows keyboard key) instead of popping up the start menu, the system shuts down all my programs and trys to shut down, the only reason it doesn't suceed is because one of the programs I will have running will have an un-saved document, so it will ask me if I want to save the document before shutting down, I then can hit cancel and it halts the process.

I do not remember installing anything and programs from from around the time it started doing this, maybe 2-3 days ago.

I have gone through and searched Google for every Process running in the taskmanager to see which processes were REQUIRED for Windows to run, I then closed eveything down and killed all the non-essential Processes and the result was this... enter image description here

The reason you see notepad.exe is because I had it open with an unsaved document to keep the system from shutting down, I then tried hitting the win key after I shut each process down, after everything was shut to just show the above, it still tries to shut my system down, this is driving me insane, please help I am at a lost.

I am about to see if I can try a different keyboard just encase it is some malfunction on the keyboard. The reason I need to access the WIN key or would like to is because I have Win + v set up to work with a special clipboard manager I believe it is called ClipX

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