how to set keyboard for phonetic Hindi typing oneiric for Wx keyboard on QWERTY keyboard

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I am trying to type documents in Hindi language. My OS: Ubuntu 11.10 Gnome environment ( I do not use unity interface.The method is shown here

I am able to type in Hindi in Libreoffice and gedit as well with method shown above.But this is a very difficult way of typing because I have to remember all the English Keys corresponding to the Hindi words as mapped here

What I want to be able to do is type phonetically and not use above kind of keyboard. I have US English keyboard in my laptop.

See the snapshot here I have selected the phonetic input method in Ibus window but this still is not working as expected. I expect to be able to type phonetically (given with above phonetic selection) what is happening is I have to type like using a QWERTY keyboard for Hindi language which is deviation from expected behavior. How can I rectify or achieve correct behavior?

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