Using XNA ContentPipeline to export a file in a machine without full XNA GS

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My game uses the Content Pipeline to load the spriteSheet at runtime. The artist for the game sends me the modified spritesheet and I do a build in my machine and send him an updated project. So I'm looking for a way to generate the xnb files in his machine (this is the output of the content pipeline) without him having to install the full XNA Game studio.

1) I don't want my artist to install VS + Xna (I know there is a free version of VS but this won't scale once we add more people to the team). 2) I'm not interested in running this editor/tool in Xbox so a Windows only solution works. 3) I'm aware of MSBuild options but they require full XNA

I researched Shawn's blog and found the option of using Msbuild Sample or a new option in XNA 4.0 that looked promising here but seems like it has the same restriction: Need to install full XNA GS because the ContentPipeline is not part of the XNA redist.

So has anyone found a workaround for this?

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