Outlook users connected to exchange can email from other email accounts

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Published on 2012-03-21T01:46:31Z Indexed on 2012/03/21 5:32 UTC
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We have found an issue on our systems whereby an outlook user (both 2007 and 2010) connected to our Exchange server (2007) can send emails as other users using the following steps

  1. Within Outlook Click <New Email>
  2. Select the <From> button to show a list of accounts outlook contains, but it also shows the option
  3. Select<Other Email Address>. This brings up a small dialog box with another button which when selected allows the user to select an email from their contacts or the Active Directory. The user in most cases can select any email within the Active Directory and send an email as if it were coming from that selected email.

It seems not everyone has this ability and I'm guessing it is something to do with settings in exchange or AD(version 6) or is there a group policy that can be implemented to stop users being able to do this. We have no idea what allows this and I have failed to find anything using Dr Google. No one has setup delegates within outlook but it does seem to be something similar?

Does anyone know how to lock this down?

Thanks in advance

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