Domain authentication over OPEN wireless pre-logon (Windows 7 Pro) - No logon servers avail

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I have a plethora of laptops that are joined to an AD domain. I have an enterprise wireless system setup, the users of these laptops will be using an OPEN unsecured SSID which will ultimately have a captive portal that uses Radius->AD auth and firewall rules to allow access pre-captive portal auth to the proper ip's/ports of DC's etc for auth etc.

I already have other laptops/users connecting to another SSID with 802.11x and SSO, all works perfectly pre-logon etc.

My problem is with this open network, for some reason I cannot get the machines to auth to AD. The laptops connect to the wireless network, I confirm this on the controller and can ping the laptop at startup. I sharked the wires on the 2 DC's that these machines auth to, I can see a DNS SOA update from a laptop im testing with and can ping that test laptop from both DC's. When I try to logon, "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request." The shark shows no incoming connections to either DC even though the laptop is connected and pingable.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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