how to extract all permissions that a domain user have on the network

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I would like to know all the permissions a windows domain user have in my network. Is there a way, with a script file or a tool, that can extract this kind of information by checking all the servers and computers in my network? I'm on a Microsoft network with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows XP, Windows 7.

The report should include these kind of informations:

  • report all permissions that the domain user have (read, write, etc...)
  • if the domain user is in a domain group, tell me the permissions that this group have in my network

so the report could be something like this:

Permissions for USER_A in the DOMAIN.COM

  • the user is part of theses domain groups:
    • GROUP_A
    • GROUP_B
    • W:\wwwRoot (R/W inherited from GROUP_A)
    • W:\sharedFolder (R)
    • c:\projects (R/W)
    • c:\projects\project_a (R/W)
    • c:\projects\project_b (R/W)
    • c:\dumpfolder (R/W inherited from GROUP_B)
    • LOCAL\Administrator
    • c:\ (R/W)

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