I want to make video games, but I hate coding

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I know this sounds eally crazy. However, I just want to ask.

Now, I am studying C++ code in my school (My major is computer programming). Honestly, my grade is not so good, and assignments are really hard.

Sometimes, I feel sad that I will spend 8~10 hours per day for coding (which is stressful) at the future for my job.

But, I still want to make video games. Maybe this is the only one reason why I am taking all of stressful courses.

I always write down plots, stories, characters, fictional gaming worlds. Once, I thought I should study artistic technology such as game design program not computer technology such as C++, C#, etc.

However, most of popular game designers(or directors) such as Kojima, Miyamoto Shigeru, etc used to be good programmers. And, companies actaully assign programmers to directors because they understand how to make a game.

I try to find other colleges or universities where teach game design program.

However, one article that lists rank 10 game design schools in North America seems untrustful because the survey company only scores it from intervews of students.

(Once, I tried to attend Art Institute of Vancouver which is rank 7 according to that article. However, one programmer who used to be an instructor in there told me the truth. That is the employement rate of graduated students is low)

Do you guys have any advice for me?

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