Can I check the validity of a single DataMapper property?

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In a custom DataMapper setter, I'd like to check whether the value I'm setting is valid or not.

For instance:

class ToastMitten
  include DataMapper::Resource

  property :id, Serial
  property :wearer, Enum['Chuck Norris', 'Jon Skeet']
  property :first_worn_at, DateTime

  def wearer=(name)
    if wearer.valid? # How can I do this?
      first_worn_at =


t =
t.wearer = 'Nathan Long' # invalid value; do NOT set first_worn_at
t.wearer = 'Jon Skeet'   # valid value; set first_worn_at

Can I check the validity of a single property like this without calling valid? on the object itself and looking through all the errors?

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