Getting out of web-development before I make a huge investment? [closed]

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I am still in college. I've been doing web-app development for about a year now and I'm growing to hate it more and more.

The whole thing feels like a huge hack and I am loosing my interest in programming because of it. Too much time is spent on learning tricks and libraries in javascript/css/html and battling the statelessness of it all. I don't so much mind back-end development, I just hate ALL of the frontend technology stack.

What attracted me to programming was software architecture. I love design patterns, clean code, etc... I just feel like there is a lot more to play with in that regard in other forms of development.

Moreover I feel like by becoming a Java or .Net expert I will be able to do A LOT more in terms of career choices. I would be able to do anything from server-side to desktop to mobile, but ruby, javascript, php, css etc... makes me completely unemployable in any other sub-domain of SE. Plus most of the learning on web seems to be technology tricks rather then becoming a better developer and expanding one's mind.

Should I get out of it and start coding side mobile projects before I invest too much into it? Does anyone have any advice or perhaps share this feeling and moved out of it successfully?


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