Excel crashes when opening Excel files from Internet Explorer

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Published on 2009-08-31T15:12:43Z Indexed on 2012/04/14 11:34 UTC
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I have been running into some issues when opening Excel files from Internet Explorer, generally the first document or two will open fine but after that trying to open a file will cause Excel and Internet Explorer to crash to the desktop without any notifications being given. This doesn't happen for users who are running Excel 2007, but for users with Excel 2003 it may or may not happen to them.

The files in question are Excel XML files and Internet Explorer 6 and Excel 2003 are being use. At this time it would not be possible to upgrade Internet Explorer, but it would be able to upgrade to Excel to version 2007 if that would resolve the issue.

Overdue Update: We recently upgraded to Firefox at the office which has rendered this error a non-issue; however, it is still unresolved from the standpoint that we haven't been able to come up with an explanation to the issue. Since IE6 is still installed on the systems, a fix to the problem (or explanation of why it's happening) would be appreciated.

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