How to calculate running totals of subsets of data in a table

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I have 4 columns: Name, Week, Batch and Units Produced (Cols, A,B,C,D). In column E, I need to keep running totals based on name and week. When the week changes for the same person, restart the total.

Fred, 12, 4001, 129.0    Answer in e:  129.0
Fred, 12, 4012, 234.0    Answer in e:  363.0
Fred, 13, 4023, 12.0     Answer in e:  12.0

John, 12, 4003, 420.0    Answer in e:  420.0
John, 13, 4021, 1200.0   Answer in e:  1200.0
John, 13, 4029, 120.0    Answer in e:  1320.0

I need to be able to copy the formula to over 1000 rows.

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