Format CD-rom on Windows 7 that Windows 95 can read

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I pulled out my ancient Pentium 100Mhz running Windows 95 to play a game from 1996. This game has a critical bug in it that requires a patch. The problem is, the computer has no way to connect to the Internet or to the LAN. I tried burning a CD-rom on my Windows 7 PC to run on the Win95 PC, but it doesn't even recognize that there's a disc in the drive. I did some research, and apparently Windows 95 can't read UDF format. All the solutions recommend, of course, downloading a driver or fix or somesuch, which is my entire problem in the first place. I tried formatting the CD-rom on my Win7 PC, but all the format choices are versions of UDF. Is there a way to get Windows 7 to format in way that is compatible with Windows 95?

EDIT: I think the problem may be that I only have CD-RWs. I think a regular CD-R might work, but I can't find any in the house. I'll see if I can scrounge one up and try that.

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