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In our environment we have several printers with the scan to folder functionality set up. It worked pretty well. Long story short- I needed to reboot our file server one evening (the server whose $hares where all the scans go), upon on boot up I received a message stating the name of the file server (i.e AcmeFS1; Windows Server 2003) could not be used because there was a duplicate name on the network. I found that somehow another printer on the network was using the name of the file server. Weird - I know. People could no longer scan to their folders. I ran an nbtstat on the file server and found that the local netbios name table was empty. I renamed the offending printer and rebooted the file server once more. This time, no error, and once I ran nbtstat again, I found that correct name and domain in the local netbios name table. Problem is, scan to folder is still not working. I know this was working before I rebooted the file server the first time. Anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix?


FIXED: Not sure why the reboot didnt fix it but I restarted the "Server" service on the file server and the problem went away.

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