How to set-up DSL dialer for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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I have just installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I'm unable to get my DSL dialer working properly. To set this up in Windows 7 I had to do following:

  1. Control Panel ---> Network and Intertnet

  2. Network and sharing center ---> Setup a new network or connection

  3. Connect to the internet ---> Broadband PPPoE

  4. Enter username and Password.. CLick 'Connect' and Done.

I am doing following steps in Ubuntu with no luck:

  1. Click on 'Two Arrows' (i don't know what they are called) on upper right corner.

  2. Configure VPN ---> DSL tab ---> Add

  3. Then I entered username, password, MAC address and Clone MAC address (copied from Auto Ethernet).

  4. Save

The same set up used to work with Ubuntu 10.10 but it is not working here. Now whenever I click on DSL Connection 1 to connect dialer 'Auto Ethernet' gets disconneted and I end up with no Internet connection. I am new to Ubuntu, Please suggest some easy steps.

I have installed ubuntu alongside windows. And dialer works fine in Windows environment, i am writing this in Windows .

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