How to uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ( installed alongside Win 7 from Boot CD)

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Published on 2012-06-22T15:28:13Z Indexed on 2012/06/24 21:23 UTC
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A few days back I installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside windows. When I put the CD in, the setup said that I should boot from CD and then I can choose from demo to install Ubuntu alongside Windows, I followed the instruction and selected Install alongside Windows 7 from the setup wizard. My Win 7 drive is originally 60 GB but after installing Ubuntu it appears as if it were 43 GB.

Now I want to UNINSTALL Ubuntu and get just Win 7 back on. Please guide me how to do this. Presently, at start-up I get a choice to Boot either into Win 7 or Ubuntu. I am new to Ubuntu and Linux both!

This is the partition layout as seen on Win 7 :

enter image description here

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