Attempting to migrate to Aptana from Dreamweaver - how to?

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I have been using Dreamweaver for years, and have used Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8 & Dreamweaver CS4. They all carry a common theme and were relatively easy to migrate to each other.

I use, however, very few features of dreamweaver. Specifically:

  1. Syntax highlighting
  2. Telesense
  3. FTP management/site management
  4. The search/replace

The idea I get from Aptana is its much more geared toward the web development/programmer side of things, have better visualizations of classes, etc., and handle everything else just as well. The problem is it is not at all clear to me.

I managed to start a new project, but it didn't associate it with an FTP. So, I created an FTP, and it looks like I can have many FTPs for one project.

My question then is, is there a tutorial or guide to migrating to Aptana from a Dreamweavor's perspective?

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