Installation after boot shows no display

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Published on 2012-06-30T19:18:46Z Indexed on 2012/06/30 21:25 UTC
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I just booted 12.04 for installation from USB-stick. But there is a problem with the display.

After boot I see a rectangle on the lower left corner of the screen, after a while I see "Ubuntu 12.04 ..." loading from USB-Stick, the Ubuntu-Desktop starts fine, clicking on Ubuntu-Install seems to work ... till identification, then Installation-window closed and ... nothing more happens.

So I want to try Installation direct from the Menu at the beginning - before Ubuntu-12.04-loading. Butt I cannot see any menus at that time.

I think there is an graphic-problem?

How can I get the installation by menus, how would the Installation via Desktop going to work?

Bye Matthias

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