Simulating the effects of wind

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I am developing a mobile game for Android. It is a 3D jumping game (like ski jump) where wind plays a important role so i need to simulate it. How could I achieve this?

The game uses libgdx for rendering and a port of Bullet physics engine for physics. To simulate the jump I have 2 spheres which are placed at the start and at the end of the player and gravity is applied to them (they role down the hill and jump at the end). I use them to calculate the angle and the position of the player. If a button is pressed some extra y speed is applied to them (to simulate the jump before the end of the jumping ramp).

But now I have to add wind to it. How is this usually done? Which collision box/method should I use? The way I understand it I only have to apply some force with direction to the player while in mid air. How can I do this in Bullet?

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