Windows XP failing to set theme correctly on auto-login

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On several testing machines we have, when automatic login (as Administrator) is activated, Windows fails to set theme (Display properties -> Themes) correctly. Particularly, even if theme is set to "Windows Classic", visually it's obvious that "Windows XP" is applied (the one with blue title bars and red "X" butons).

I have only seen this happen when Auto-login is set--we always use Administrator on XP. Even if I log out and back in manually, theme is set correctly. Apart from logging out and in, it's also possible to reset theme in "Display properties".

It does not happen in 100% of the cases, but it's way over 50%. Definitely it's often enough to be annoying.

I believe this is a bug in Windows XP. I have never encountered it on other Windows versions.

Does anybody know how to avoid this issue once forever? (Or can anybody provide explanation, relevant links, etc.?)

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