Wifi and 3G same time

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For my App I need Data from both, a local Network and the Internet. The local Network (Wifi) has no connection to the internet so I have to use the mobile connection (3G for Example). But whenever I connect to the local Network, 3G stopps. After asking the Samsung Service, there is no way to change that in the UI. But they couldn't tell me, if there is a programmable Interface for that.
There is a mobile access point inside, so there is a way to connect a Wifi device to the Internet (which means that both, a wifi and a 3G connection is possible the same time in that way). But for my App the phone/tab has to connect to the existing Network and use the 3G for Internet.
So this is my question here.
Is there a way to connect to an existing Network and using 3G for Internet the same time?

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