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So I'm a little confused in regards to legality of using fonts for web.

Often from designers I get a PSD file and it uses a special font, and the font is supplied. However attempting to convert the font using:

Ends up with a message saying it's blocked by Adobe.

Not only that sometimes if the font can be converted, it often looks like crap when viewed in a browser.

I assume that the generator is primarily for people to convert their own fonts, but if you purchase the use of a font then you can only use it for Web if the terms allows you to?

The fonts used in PSD's are often Adobe Fonts, I can't find anything that suggests I can convert those and use them on the web. So I'm wondering if anyone knows the legal rights around using Photoshop supplied fonts on the web?

In addition I'm wondering what resources are available (free/paid) that provide fonts that can be used on the web.



This is the only one's I've found so far that aren't cartoon type fonts like what's primarily on

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