Primary domain in vps in vps has been deactivated

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Published on 2012-08-26T03:33:26Z Indexed on 2012/09/25 21:50 UTC
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This is my scenario:

I have a vps with two domains (, When I started with this vps I set as primary domain and the nameserver were configured with the pattern, The domains were brought in

Across the time, I usually only work whit the domain, for that reason I stopped to pay anual registration and just keep the But, today my vps is unreacheable because the main domain was deactivated last ago 23th. I never imagined that it could affect my server.

So, I am so worried because I don't know if rebuild the vps is the solution here because I could lost my data. Can you take me to the right direction in order to recover my vps?

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