Use RegEx in Java to extract parameters in between parentheses

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I'm writing a utility to extract the names of header files from JSPs. I have no problem reading the JSPs line by line and finding the lines I need. I am having a problem extracting the specific text needed using regex. After looking at many similar questions I'm hitting a brick wall.

An example of the String I'll be matching from within is:

<jsp:include page="<%=Pages.getString(\"MY_HEADER\")%>" flush="true"></jsp:include>

All I need is MY_HEADER for this example. Any time I have this tag:


I need what comes between this:

<%=Pages.getString(\"  and this: )%>

Here is what I have currently (which is not working, I might add) :

String currentLine;
while ((currentLine = fileReader.readLine()) != null)
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("<%=Pages\\.getString\\(\\\\\"([^\\\\]*)"); 
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(currentLine); 
while(matcher.find()) {

I need to be able to use the Java RegEx API and regex to extract those header names.

Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Resolved this issue, thankfully. The tricky part was, after being given the right regex, it had to be taken into account that the String I was feeding to the regex was always going to have two " / " characters ( (/"MY_HEADER"/) ) that needed to be escaped in the pattern.

Here is what worked (thanks to the help ;-)):

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("<%=Pages\\.getString\\(\\\\\"([^\\\\\"]*)"); 

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