Booting Fedora guest VBox on /dev/mapper/vg0-fc17-root

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Published on 2012-10-11T10:34:00Z Indexed on 2012/10/12 3:39 UTC
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I already have the following logical volumes:

  • host:/dev/mapper/vg0-fc17-boot (guestOS:/dev/hdb) formatted as ext4 (no partition table)
  • host:/dev/mapper/vg0-fc17-root (guestOS:/dev/hdc) formatted as ext4 (no partition table)

Do I have to create the following grub partition to boot a guest VM under VirtualBox?

  • host:/dev/mapper/vg-fc17-mbr (guestOS:/dev/hda) with a partition table and install grub MBR here?

Or is there a better way? (Maybe grub on vg0-fc17-boot?)

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