Dash is slow and shows irrelevant results

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I currently have the latest Ubuntu 12.10 installed on my laptop. Usually I use Launchy application to have a quick access to any app/config/file etc. Now I'm trying to get used to Dash, which is supposed to be default way to do such things in recent Ubuntu versions. The difference between the usage of Launchy and Dash is following:

Launchy: Alt+Space -> Launchy shell shown instantly -> type your request -> open the target

Dash: SuperKey -> PERIOD -> Dash is shown -> type your request -> PERIOD -> navigate with arrow buttons between the results -> open the desired result

Another problem. When I type the term "ryth" (which is incorrectly spelled part of "Rhythmbox") what is shown in these 2 shells:

Launchy: 1 result, which is Rhythmbox. The letters 'r', 'y', 't' and 'h' are highlighted.

Dash: 2 results, which are MP3s from Amazon and are completely irrelevant to my request

So is there any way to tweak the Dash to allow me to use it as I use Launchy with the same performance and results?

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