How to run crontab-e?

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I am currently reading this documentation here where I want to use CRON. Now it says in the first section that I need to enter in a command: crontab -e.

Do I only need to enter this in a simple text editor file and just upload the file into the server?

I am using so would this be the correct command:

* * 25 10 *

This will execute this php script below (inactivatesession.php):



$createDate = mktime(0,0,0,10,25,date("Y"));
$selectedDate =  date('d-m-Y', ($createDate));

$sql = "UPDATE Session SET Active = ? WHERE DATE_FORMAT(SessionDate,'%Y-%m-%d' ) <= ?";                                         
$update = $mysqli->prepare($sql);
$update->bind_param("is", 0, $selectedDate);


The url for this php script is:

I havn't used CRON before so just need little help on it.


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