How to approach iOS web clip app "download"?

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We have our main site at:

which we don't want to alter. Then we have our web clip app at:

If someone visits the app URL in normal Safari then the Safari UI will still display. But if the user adds the app URL to their home screen, and then they tap that icon they will launch the app URL without the Safari UI as intended.

My question is how do you go about getting the user to use the web clip app from their home screen when they start from What I'm thinking is that we have a link on that points to Then when they click that /app/ link they'll go to the app but it won't be in "app mode". Can I detect that it's not in app mode and display a message like "add this page to your home screen to use the app"? And then when they do visit in app mode obviously just let the app run.

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