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Is there a manual available that covers the proper setup of a "Virtual Machine Server" with no GUI with an Ubuntu Workstation with a GUI and "Virtual Machine Manager" installed? Both are 12.04 version.

I get the following error message:

unable to connect to libvirt
Verify that
-The libvirt-bin package is installed
-The libvirt daemon has been started
-you are a member of the libvirtd group

the package is installed
for some reason starting the daemon seems to crash

libvirtd start
info:  libvirt version 0.9.8
error: virExecWithHook:328 : cannot find 'pm-is-supported' in path: No such file or directory
qemucapsInit:856: Failed to get host power management capabilities

So I guess I did not set the server up correctly. All manuals I found do not mention "Virtual Machine Manager". I only chose the packages to connect with SSH remotely and the "Virtual Machine Server" for the server installation.

So I would like to find a manual that covers this combo or then covered only GUI machines that have both on the same machine, which will not really help with system performance as a hypervisor.

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