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I have a really annoying problem in Windows 7. I just updated Windows vista to Windows 7 32bit

The problem is that every second the top windows is being selected.

To explain better what happens: I open task manager and leave it there, then i select a icon on desktop, after 1 second, the icon is deselected and Task Manager windows is selected. Also i see windows borders blinking, every second.

This is Annoying, because every time i do a right click or selecting a menu in any application, every second the menu get closed...

I do not know what is doing this, i searched in task manager for some 'bad' application running, but seems ok, tried closing all programs but it's still there.

If i restart the computer first i don't get that problem, but after a while it start..

I noticed that When using Visual Studio Express 2012, but i don't think is the problem, because also if i close VS the problem remains.

Hope you can help me, i'm getting hungry!! It's annoying!

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