Divide bootloader from dualboot with Windows 7 and Windows XP

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My problem is the following: I have a dual boot running on my pc. I installed a programme called "Keriver", it automatically installs GRUB, too.

When I start my PC, the first thing you see is GRUB. You can choose between "Boot normal" "Take snapshot with Keriver" "Boot Windows"

If you select "Windows" or "Boot normal" it calls the Windows 7 Bootloader and it again shows a menu, where you can choose between XP and Win 7. Unfortunately for me, Microsoft does this "mixing bootloaders into one" automatically. I don't know how to change that now, how to separate them.

I'd like to start everything directly from the GRUB menu.

The bootloader is stored on hd(0,1). I tried to boot from hd(0,0) and hd(0,2) as well, but it didnt work.

Can anyone help me please?

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