How do I generate mipmap .png and model .obj files for LibGDX?

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Published on 2012-11-17T08:16:58Z Indexed on 2012/11/17 11:28 UTC
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I'm playing a bit with LibGDX (OpenGL ES 2.0 wrapper for Android).

I found some sample code which used prepared files to load models and mipmap textures for them, e.g., at it reads .obj file for the model and RGB565 format .png file to apply a mipmapped texture to it.

What is the best / easiest way for me to create these files?

I understand .obj files are generated by a bunch of tools (I installed Blender, Wings3D and Kerkythea so far), but which ones will be the most user friendly for someone unfamiliar with 3D modelling?

But more importantly, how do I produce a .png file with the mipmapped texture? The .png I looked at ( ) seems to include different textures for each of the faces, probably created with some tool. I browsed through the menus for the 3 tools I have installed but didn't find an option to export such a .png file. What am I missing?

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