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The problem is that my messages don't seem to sync and neither do I get notifications from the Windows Store App. I have both, the desktop program and the Windows Store App, the problem is that whenever someone messages me I do not receive a notification of the App but I get one from the desktop program. The Skype app is running in the background and does not have disabled the notifications neither have turned on sleep notifications. I have to manually open the app and moreover, open the chat window of the one who is talking to me, then wait like 10 minutes and then the chat will get syncronized. in short:

Notifications don't work even:

  • if computer unlocked and Skype is running in background
  • if computer unlocked and Skype is running in foreground

These doesn't seem to help:

  • Reboot doesn't affects skype.
  • Having only the App opened.
  • Uninstalling/reinstalling

Is there a way to fix this? or is this an issue with the Skype app in Windows 8?

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