Testing a Virtualisation of a Debian Server (vmWare vSphere probably)

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I'm soon getting access to a powerful root-server (quad-core, 16gb ram, 1gbit connection) where gameservers (like minecraft,counterstrike etc.) for different customers should be setup. My plan is to use programs such as vmWare vSphere to create some virtual machines for each customer. Inside such a virtual machine I'll setup the gameserver and maybe some kind of ftp server when its needed. Now that I'm kinda new to virtualisation of servers I want to test this local on my Desktop Computer. Is it possible to create a virtual machine of debian using vmWare Player on my Windows desktop computer and then install vmware vSphere in this VM to create multiple VM's inside that VM ? Or do I really need to install Debian on my desktop computer. (I want to use the time during installations etc. to work a bit at my windows installation)

Some tips on virtualising debian servers are also appreciated :)

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