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I am an amateur programmer working at a start-up. I didn't try coding at college. I've been working for 2 months now on web development. I'm satisfied with my progress. My project will go live soon. I work on front-end and my colleague integrates my work in his. So I decided to learn back-end technologies so that I would be able to work on a project from scratch, help my company build up. I recently got to know about the technologies used by fb and was fascinated to learn ,work on them,keep motivating myself. Now I want to work on building a product from scratch, be good at database concepts, a language like ruby or python, and get to know load balancing, dynamic requests from servers, hosting a website, real time communication, secured login, implementing sophisticated search feature for the app, using git by the end of the project.I would like to be a full stack developer in due course of time and learn everything in detail. I decide to keep myself out of time frame, learn every concept in detail.I would like to use both rdbms and non relational dbm for the project. I have no experience except some beginner knowledge in html5,css and JavaScript. I would like to get some advice on how to proceed forward step by step,flow what technologies to pick up and project idea which includes all the above.

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