Deploy Windows 7 Backup set to Windows 8

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We have a laptop here that's completely fubar. I.e: The hard drive is filled to the brim with bad sectors. Luckily, backups have been made using the built-in Windows 7 backup feature. This produces folders named Backup Set 2012-11-09 003009, containing folders like Backup Files 2012-11-09 003009, containing zip-files like Backup files 1, 2, 3,...

Our brand new laptop comes with Windows 8. Now: Can we, using the standard back-up and restore feature in Windows 8, restore all the documents, music, etc. using the Windows 7 backup files? Thanks.

(FYI: We also took a normal backup of all the documents just to be sure of course. I'm just curious what would happen. I would test it out, but the new laptop hasn't arrived yet and I wanted to make sure my efforts would not be in vain.)

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